NQT Programme

Our NQT programme comprises of specialised sessions across the year. The sessions are designed to support your on-going learning of key skills and your personal development during your first year of teaching. It will be tailored to the needs of the group as well as covering key areas of the teaching standards you need for your statutory induction year.

We are working with West Country Teaching School Alliance and North Devon Teaching School Alliance to deliver an NQT programme for both Primary and Secondary NQT’s.

The programme is designed to give you the opportunity to network, debate and discuss with NQT colleagues across the region.

Our NQT Programme 2018/19

Comments from some of our NQTs

“I now believe in myself as a teacher. It’s a time to dump my problems with supportive and warm people.
These sessions have helped me open up about my worries and give me practical and helpful solutions.
I feel supported by all the other NQT’s and Jan Baker. She has given me more confidence in my own practice and makes me want to continue with my career.”

“An NQT family session. A chance to learn/take ideas, talk freely and with similar minded people of new teachers. A special time in a very busy, hectic and hard year!
The support and time have been a breath of fresh air and reminds you of what is important. Thank you!”

“So supportive, full of practical ideas and inspiration that I was able to take back to my class and use. I’m going to miss it next year!”

“Great opportunity to share experiences, ideas and thoughts – very useful for reflecting on my NQT year at ‘certain checkpoints’, and has certainly helped me to move forward.
A school visit was invaluable, including reflections afterwards.
Fantastic at adapting to NQT’s feedback and comments as well.”

“A platform to discuss issues with other NQT’s.”

“It has been wonderful just having support and understanding from other NQT’s going through the same things as me.
Sharing tips and advice, and reassuring each other, has been really useful.
Jan has been amazing – reminding us all that we are human, we do make mistakes, we learn from them and we can only do our best!
I feel revitalised after every session and always leave feeling more determined.”

“The impact that the NQT group have given me is the support, training and experience needed to succeed. In a small school it is hard and to sometimes find somebody to talk to and I know that no matter what the issue is there will always be someone there that I can speak to who is experiencing the same thing, or that has already been through it before.”

“A safe/secure place to be honest about how you are feeling. The majority of the time others are coping with similar situations.
Get advice from others about methods they have found work for them. Both experienced people and NQT’s.
A positive environment that reminds you why you chose this profession when you may be feeling overwhelmed.”